Wednesday, December 26, 2018

How do I calculate the duration of a translation?

To be able to get an idea of how long the process of translation of a text will be delayed should take into account different factors, each with their own problems.
First and foremost, you should consider the number of words in question. Indistinct the language pair, it is estimated that a translator can translate on average 2500 words per day, which in turn may vary a little depending on the complexity of the text.
The Edition takes less time, some 5000 words are calculated per day, depending on the quality of the translation. At the same time, for proofreading (final revision) 10000 words are calculated per day.

To see it in a concrete example, Let's imagine that we have a text of 10000 words to translate, say, English to French. If the translation is made by a single translator, we can estimate that it will take four days to complete this first stage. The Edition would last two days, and in one day the proofreading would be. That is, that in a week would be the ready project.
Now, there are different methods to "expedite" a translation project and have it ready more quickly. In this example the text of 10000 words, translation can be divided between two resources, achieving thus saving us two days. Any inconsistency or difference between the translation of the first resource and the second can be corrected by the Publisher, unifying terms and vocabulary. It is clear that many more resources divide a translation, more place for inconsistencies it there. That is why it is a good idea that editing is done by a single person.
The vast majority of translation projects are performed with the help of the so-called CAT tools, which stored in its memory the words already translated without having to translate the same term again and again. He is also with the help of term bases and style guides to each project of each client to keep a certain standard of quality.
At Trusted Translations we know how important that is to maintain the balance between time, cost and quality, by which we analyze each project custom order to deliver excellent quality projects, as soon as possible, to the most optimal price.